Physiotherapy for Motor Neurone Disease

Neurological physiotherapy will help a person with motor neurone disease. Physiotherapy treatment is very important and should be started as soon as possible. Physiotherapy treatment will help improve mobility, posture and energy levels. 

Neurological physiotherapy will also promote independence with physical function by maximising your potential and improving your quality of life. 

MND affects everyone differently so your treatment plan will be tailored to your needs. An initial assessment will look at how MND affects you and your physiotherapist will develop short and long term goals centred around you and those close to you. Physiotherapy treatment will be focused on:

  • Exercises to maintain muscle strength for as long as possible and improve energy levels.
  • Stretching to lengthen tight muscles and joints and improve range of movement.
  • Minimising abnormalities of muscle tone.
  • Advice on postural management to increase comfort and reduce pain when sitting, standing or sleeping.
  • Facilitating the use of efficient functional movement patterns including the quality of walking.
  • Activities to improve balance to help improve confidence and reduce the risk of falling.
  • Education and advice about MND
  • Gentle massage to help reduce your anxiety.
  • Hydrotherapy treatment will also help relax and stretch tight muscles and help with mobility.

Neurological physiotherapy will reduce the impact the physical symptoms have on your life and help you with activities that are important to you. Your physiotherapist will continue to assess your individual needs on a regular basis as your physical symptoms will change over time.