Physiotherapy for Developmental Delay

A child with developmental delay will benefit from neurological physiotherapy. Neurological physiotherapy is based around the principle that the brain is dynamic and able to adapt to change. Physiotherapy treatment for developmental delay should therefore, be started as early as possible as a child's brain can adapt easily and respond well to treatment. 

Neurological Physiotherapy will help a child's development including gross motor skills such as mobility, muscle strength, joint flexibility and balance and fine motor skills such as grip strength and handwriting. A graduated treatment plan will be developed incorporating family, carers and teachers so that milestones are reached and significant long term improvement are achieved. 

Physiotherapy treatment will focus on:

  • Exercises to increase muscle strength and control so that your child is able to shift their body weight and balance better.
  • Muscle stretching to lengthen muscles, increasing range of movement and preventing muscles and joints from becoming stiff.
  • Activities to improve head and trunk control. For example, supporting your child in sitting to develop weight shifting, rotation, coordination and balance. Mirror imaging is often used to increase their awareness of where their limbs are in space (prioprioception)
  • Exercises to increase mobility and their success of learning to walk based around everyday activities Physiotherapy may involve exercise for the hand to improve writing and grasping objects.
  • Advice about supportive devices such as using a wheelchair, orthotic devices or other adaptive equipment if necessary.
  • Hydrotherapy treatment helps relax stiff muscles and joints and maximises mobility in water.

Short and long term rehabilitation goals will be developed at the centre of your child's rehabilitation so that milestones are reached and improving their quality of life. Physiotherapy treatment will improve your child's mobility by using a variety of activities that are fun and stimulating as well as effective. 

Physiotherapy treatment has the ability to help your child achieve their maximum potential and develop independence with everyday tasks.