Physiotherapy for Chronic Pain

A person with chronic pain will benefit from neurological physiotherapy. Chronic pain can be stressful both physically and emotionally as it interrupts home, work and social life. Specialist neurological physiotherapy treatment will advise ways to help a person self manage their pain through education, exercise, and relaxation. 

Your physiotherapist will carry out a full assessment to determine the cause of your pain and develop an individually tailored rehabilitation programme suited to your symptoms. 

Physiotherapy treatment may involve:

  • Structured exercise programme - working on stretching and strengthening muscles increasing mobility and making activities easier to achieve. Regular exercise is also a good reliever of stress and anxiety.
  • Mobilisation - is a passive movement of a joint to relieve stiffness and increase range of movement. Gentle mobilisations are effective at reducing pain.
  • Massage - can promote relaxation, relieve stress and prevent muscle tension. Massage also increases blood flow to the muscles which promotes healing.
  • Acupuncture - this is often used in conjunction with exercise and manual therapy for pain relief.

Your physiotherapist will advise and support you throughout your rehabilitation programme in order to optimise your physical functioning and improve your quality of life.