Physiotherapy for Sensory Loss

Neurological physiotherapy will help a person with fatigue. Physiotherapy treatment will increase energy levels, reduce pain and teach you ways to self manage fatigue. 

Physiotherapy treatment will focus on promoting strength with your daily routine and improving your quality of sleep. Fatigue affects people in different ways so treatment will be tailored to your symptoms. 

Neurological physiotherapy will include:

  • A progressive exercise program to increase muscle strength and endurance and increase fitness levels. Stretching exercises will also relieve muscle tension and lengthen tight muscles making movement easier. Patients are encouraged to stay active no matter what fitness level they are.
  • Promoting hobbies and activity at home, school, work and in your social life.
  • Advice about daily routine including sleep patterns, and which activities you benefit from and what activities makes your symptoms better or worse. It is often a good idea to keep an activity log so your physiotherapist can see what you enjoy and include it in your treatment programme.
  • Relaxation treatment such as massage or hydrotherapy to relieve anxiety and increase sense of well being.

Many people experience good and bad days so it is important that you plan your day and pace yourself to prevent injury or over activity. A structured treatment programme will be developed between you and your physiotherapist including short and long term goals in order that you achieve your maximum potential and improve your quality of life.