Physiotherapy for Walking Problems

Neurological physiotherapy will help a person that is experiencing difficulty with walking. 

Physiotherapy uses a variety of skills to help your joints and muscles work to their full potential, increasing range of movement and muscle strength and decreasing pain and stiffness. Neurological physiotherapists are experts at restoring mobility and re-educating peoples walking. 

Neurological physiotherapy will improve your mobility by focusing on:

  • Exercise to increase muscle strength and reduce the risk of falling. Foot drop is common and causes difficulty with walking. Muscles strengthening and stretching will improve the ability to clear the foot off the ground.
  • Activities to restore normal patterns of movement
  • Gait re-education to promote a normal walking pattern.
  • Advise about orthotic devices and walking aids to help improve the quality of walking
  • Balance retraining to improve confidence and safety with walking
  • Stretching exercises to lengthen stiff muscles and reduce muscle spasms. Stretching will also improve joint flexibility and improve your ability with walking.
  • Regaining independence with activities of daily living, sport and leisure, and work.
  • Improving quality of life

An initial consultation with your physiotherapist will look at your muscle strength, range of movement and the way you walk with or without support. A structured treatment programme will be developed incorporating rehabilitation goals so that you achieve your maximum potential.