Physiotherapy for Functional Problems

A person having difficulty with their physical function and activities of daily living, will benefit from specialist neurological physiotherapy. Physiotherapy treatment will restore maximum movement and functional ability and improve quality of life. 

Neurological physiotherapists treat functional problems using a variety of treatment approaches and intervention techniques. Physiotherapy treatment will improve your ability with work, household activities, and hobbies to the best of your ability. Physiotherapy treatment will include:

  • Task specific repetitive exercises promoting normal movement patterns.
  • Exercise to increase stamina and fitness levels.
  • Stretching to relieve stiffness and pain and increase range of movement.
  • Activities to strengthen muscles based around activities you enjoy.
  • Teaching you to achieve tasks in a new way moving correctly and activating muscles.
  • Gait re education.
  • Advice about hand and foot orthotics and any walking devices you may require.

Your physiotherapist will carry out an initial assessment and implement an appropriate treatment approach suited to your needs. You will be supported throughout your treatment programme restoring your full potential with functional activities.