Treatment for Pain

Neurological physiotherapy will help a person with pain symptoms following injury to the brain or peripheral nerves, disease, or a result of degenerative changes. Pain is a subjective experience and affects everyone differently. 

Physiotherapy will reduce pain and promote movement and functional ability. An initial assessment with your physiotherapist will identify your main problems by assessing your range of movement, mobility and muscle strength and deciding the outcome you want. 

Each person will have their own individual programme tailored to their symptoms. 

Physiotherapy treatment often includes:

  • Progressive exercise to increase range of movement and strengthen muscles. Your physiotherapist will identify what movement are irritating the pain and will target this area.
  • Stretching tight muscles which can reduce muscle spasm and relieve pain.
  • Activities to improve posture and comfort when sitting, walking and sleeping.
  • Massage to encourage circulation, reduce swelling and relax tight muscles.
  • Passive and active mobilisation of joints to relive pain and stiffness.
  • Electrotherapy such as TENS which can control the amount of pain that you experience.
  • Hydrotherapy to ease muscle tension and improve joint flexibility.
  • Advise about how to self manage pain outside treatment session e.g. at home or at work

Neurological physiotherapy will improve your quality of life by reducing your pain and the physical and emotional stress that comes with it.