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Physiotherapy for Spasticity

Neurological physiotherapy treatment will help with spasticity. Physiotherapy will use a combination of hands on treatment and exercise therapy as well as emphasise on self management. Physiotherapy treatment will reduce spasticity, increase muscle strength, maintain range of movement, and restore function.

Physiotherapy treatment can reduce spasticity by:
  • Use of ice to decrease spasm frequency and pain.
  • Stretching muscles through range to relieve stiffness in the joints and surrounding tissue.
  • Exercises to increase muscle strength and functional performance. This may include regular standing and weight bearing.
  • Activity to improve range of movement.
  • Looking at what makes spasm and increased tone worse or better.
  • Promoting normal movement patterns.
  • Advice on orthotics/splinting for hands and feet.
  • Correcting and varying joint position during activities.
  • Hydrotherapy treatment to relieve muscle tension.
  • Advice about botox.
Your physiotherapist will undertake an initial assessment involving careful measurement and evaluation of your needs. An intervention programme will then be developed containing realistic and accurate goals suited to you.

Physiotherapy works closely with orthotists and occupational therapy to provide the best possible treatment and reduce the impact spasticity has on your life.

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